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Model Train Villages Exhibit

This exhibit – “The Davenport Express” – is owned, maintained, and was created by Larry T. Davenport.  In 1992, Larry purchased three sets of ceramic buildings and displayed them on a drop-leaf table in his family room.  A year later the village went to the dining room table.  Three years later his wife strongly encouraged him to move everything to the basement.  In 2002 the village was displayed at Gaither Family Resources in Alexandria, IN. 


In 2009, the Davenport Christmas Village was moved to and displayed on the 2nd floor of the Paramount Theatre Centre in Anderson, IN, where it remains today.


Since then, it has increased in size significantly and now there are multiple villages, airports, businesses, etc., covering over 2,500 square feet!  The newest addition moved the villages into the international arena, with an area now featuring well-known landmarks in London, England.

The villages are available for viewing during many theatre events and by special appointment.  Please contact the Paramount for details.

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