Grand Page Pipe Organ

The Grand PAGE  Pipe Theatre Organ is one of only three Page organs remaining in an original installations in the United States of the original 150 that were built.


The organ was shipped from Lima, Ohio on January 3, 1929 and was never required to provide accompaniment for silent films.  Rather, it was featured in organ solo spot singalongs, and entrance and exit music for movie patrons.  In the late 60’s the theatre ownership went bankrupts and the theatre closed.


In 1974, under new ownership the organ was restored and was used as intermissions during shows on weekends from the mid 70’s until the early 80’s.

When the Paramount Heritage Foundation was formed in 1989 to restore The Paramount, it was found that the PAGE console was not damaged, but the two pipe chambers were badly damaged by water due to a leaky roof.

The organ, silent since 1984 was restored by Carlton Smith.  Original shades of gold were returned to the shell and the organ was expanded to twelve ranks.